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The Idolmaster KR

The Idolmaster KR, styled The [email protected], is a South Korean drama television series based on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s The Idolmaster video game series. It aired on Amazon Prime Video on April 28, 2017 as an Amazon original series. It’s scheduled to air 24 episodes.

The series was later picked up by the SBS-owned pay TV channels SBS Plus, SBS funE, and SBS MTV, and is scheduled to premiere on these channels on April 28, 2017.


On October 13, The Idolmaster KR official website posted a notice of a member replacement; an original member of Real Girl Project, Hanabyul, has been replaced by sub-member Ji Seul for the series, as Hanabyul was noted to have suffered from a leg injury. One month later, it was revealed that After School’s Lee Kaeun, 9MUSES’ Sojin, Tahiti’s Ari and I.B.I’s Han Hyeri would be joining the cast as members of ‘Red Queen’, a popular girl group at the time of Real Girl Project’s debut, in the live-action series.

The Idolmaster KR Cast

Real Girls Project

  • Kim Sori (김소리) as Sori
  • Heo Youngjoo (허영주) as Youngjoo
  • Teramoto Yukika (寺本來可 / 테라모토유키카) as Yukika
  • Kwon Haseo (권하서) as Haseo
  • Lee Jiwon (이지원) as Jiwon
  • Jung Taeri (정태리) as Taeri
  • Mint (민트) as Mint
  • Lee Yeeun (이예은) as Yeeun
  • Cha Jiseul (차지슬) as Jiseul
  • Lee Suji (이수지) as Suji
  • Chun Jane (천재인) as Jane

Red Queen

  • Han Hyeri (I.B.I, Produce 101)[6] as Hye Ri
  • Jo Sojin (9Muses)[6] as Hye Ju
  • Kim Sunyoung (Tahiti’s Ari) as Mi Na
  • Lee Kaeun (After School) as Na Kyung

Other major characters

  • Sung Hoon as Kang Shin-hyuk, the Producer of Red Queen.
  • Park Chul-min as Shim Min-chul, CEO of 825 Entertainment.
  • Kang Yeseul as Yeseul, the girls’ manager at 825 Entertainment.
  • Heo Joungjoo as Joungjoo, Youngjoo’s singer-songwriter sister.
  • Lee Coco as Coco
  • Jin Nayoung as Nayoung
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