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Into the Badlands Season 2

AMC renewed Into the Badlands Season 2 for a 10 episodes, which premiered on March 19, 2017. This season the episode titles are featured as “chapters” followed by Roman numerals (e.g. the first episode title is Chapter VII).

Synopsis Into the Badlands Season 2

Six months later, Sunny, now a “Picker”, a miner used for slave labor, excavates coal in the Bordeaux Mines far from the Badlands. He befriends Bajie, a smuggler who is shackled to him. After watching an arena fight in which under-performing Pickers are executed for not making their quota, Sunny plans to escape.

Bajie acquires a map and wants to go with him. When Sunny refuses, Bajie betrays his true identity to the mine boss, The Engineer. Meanwhile, M.K. undergoes training from the Abbotts under the tutelage of Ava. Later, M.K. meets The Master, who promises his freedom if he can learn to control his abilities, and she oversees his training.

In the Badlands, Ryder, who’s Baron following his father’s presumed death controls Quinn, Jacobee, and The Widow’s territories, alongside his love, Jade. During an inspection of the oil fields, The Widow and Tilda, now a Regent, returns in a surprise attack and reclaims them, killing most of Ryder’s Clippers and forcing him to retreat.

They preside over a growing army of former Cogs and Dolls, promising to end the Badlands feudal system and replace it with a democratic society. Tilda recruits Odessa, a former Doll, as a Butterfly, and has the released Clipper prisoners who abused the Dolls murdered, against her mother’s orders.

While stationed in an abandoned train station, Veil gives birth to a boy and is in the company of Quinn, who survived his impalement.

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